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Laser Tattoo Removal

Who Says The Radiance Of Skin Renewal Can’t Erase The Past?

Not all mistakes need to visibly and permanently mar your future. Laser tattoo removal — which is safe for all skin types — provides patients with the opportunity to renew their appearance, no matter where on the body their tattoo is located.
Whether you regret a previous tattoo or have tattoos that have simply not aged well over time, we can help you turn back the clock on your skin by removing the ink via laser light technology.


The Laser Tattoo Removal Process

Some patients may require several sessions of laser tattoo removal to achieve optimal results. This is dependent upon:

  • The color of the ink

  • The amount of ink used in the tattoo

  • The depth of the ink injection

  • And more

We recommend that patients wait an average of six to eight weeks between sessions, as this will provide the body with adequate time to metabolize and remove the fractured ink from the previous session.

Before the session, we will provide patients with a topical anesthetic to enhance their comfort throughout their appointment.

Laser Tattoo Removal: Treatments
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